Wait Don't Flush It! 4 Things to Keep Out of Your Septic System

Posted on: 23 February 2015

Even though the septic tank and system is safely tucked out of sight, it is one of the most valuable components of your home. It is designed to last for a lot of years with little to no attention, but there are always things you can inadvertently do to cause problem.

The easiest way to cause issues with your septic system is to try to get it to accept things that should not be flushed down the drain. Here are some things that are better disposed of in a different way besides being flushed down the toilet so you can avoid new septic tank installation in the future.

1. Latex Products—From rubber gloves to condoms, and anything else that may get tossed down the toilet, latex is one product you do not want to have in your septic system. It can get trapped around lines on the way down and is super stretchy enough to get entangled and cause a huge mess.

2. Cat Litter—It may seem like down the toilet is the logical place for dirty kitty litter to go, but definitely not if you have a septic tank. Kitty litter contains clay particles that are designed to clump with moisture. It can get inside your tank and take up a lot of space and cause the lines of your system to clog.

3. Harsh Chemicals—Household cleaners, like bleach and ammonia, may do the trick to get your toilet cleaned, but they can wreak havoc on the natural biological balance of your septic tank. This can prevent waste from breaking down because naturally present bacteria will be eliminated. Further, the chemicals can eat away at the inner walls of the tank, leading to the need for a new tank altogether.

4. Heavy Paper Products—You may prefer the more expensive toilet paper with ridges for comfort and extra plies, but the heavier the paper products are that go down the hatch, the more likely it will be that you see issues. The paper will absorb moisture inside of the tank, making it difficult for waste to break down.

When you know a little bit about why it is important to keep some items out of your septic system, you will find yourself paying a lot of attention to what you try to flush. Use this list to help you get started taking better care of your septic tank and system. For more tips and suggestions, consult with experts such as Honest John's Septic Service Inc.