Cesspool Maintenance Questions Answered

Posted on: 4 March 2015

Cesspools are commonly used systems for treating and disposing of the wastewater produced by homes. Unfortunately, cesspool systems are subjected to a constant barrage of waste matter, and if you do not keep the pool properly maintained, you may find that it stops working. Considering the importance of keeping this part of your home functioning, many new homeowners may have questions about this system. 

What Problems Can A Cesspool Encounter If It Is Not Pumped?

Failure to have a cesspool pumped can result in a complete failure of your home's septic system. This occurs because a variety of substances will accumulate in the tank, and this will prevent water from draining out of the system. Whether it is solid organic matter at the bottom of the tank or grease sticking to the sides of the tank, this is a problem that homeowners must treat seriously.

Unlike conventional septic tanks, cesspools lack a separate drain field. Rather, the treated water is designed to seep through the walls of the tank, but this is impossible if it has not been cleaned. When the pool can not drain, the drains in the home will be slow and water will likely start to backup throughout the home. These problems can quickly cause your home to become an unpleasant place to be, but these problems can be avoided with this routine maintenance from a company like CDM Cesspool Service

Can Additives Replace Having The Cesspool Pumped?

There are many homeowners that are under the impression they will be able to forgo a professional pumping and cleaning if they use an additive with their cesspool. These additives will dramatically increase the bacteria in the tank, and in theory, this should help it avoid drainage problems stemming from accumulating materials. 

In reality, these additives are often more trouble than they are worth. When you dramatically increase the prevalence of bacteria in your tank, you can destroy the eco-system that allows the cesspool to continue functioning. While there may be times when these additives can be beneficial to your system, you should never let them take the place of a professional cleaning and servicing. 

A cesspool can be one of the most important components of your home because it will allow you to conveniently get rid of the wastewater from your home. However, understanding the maintenance needs of these pools is essential for avoiding daunting problems. Once you understand these common questions and answers, you will likely find that your home's cesspool is not as mysterious, and this will help you be a more responsible homeowner.