Considerations To Make When Selecting A Portable Toilet

Posted on: 27 May 2015

Are you in the process of choosing a portable toilet but don't know to pick one? Then take the time to familiarize yourself with the various points of consideration. By doing so, you will end up with the type of toilet that's going to match your exact requirements. With that thought in mind, here are the top things to think about when picking out a portable toilet:

  • Quality of the toilet: The venue that you will be using the toilets for should determine their quality. For example, if you are hiring them for use on a construction site, then opting for the most basic model will be adequate – for example, one that is 100% of a plastic construction. However, when organizing an event, you might want the guests to enjoy a more comfortable experience, and therefore opting for higher quality toilets is logical.
  • Quantity of toilets required: To determine the number of toilets required, you must estimate the number of people that will be using them and for what duration. It is a good idea to get a few more toilets than you actually need. This will prevent a shortage of toilets in the event that some of them have to be closed due to a blockage.
  • Location: You need to place the toilets where they will be easily accessible but not in the way. For example, on a construction site you shouldn't place the toilets next to the office containers, because the smell might creep in through the windows. But placing them at an isolated corner of a construction site is also no good, because tired construction workers will have to waste time and energy walking to them. Furthermore, it's important to make sure that there is enough room next to the toilets for the disposal of waste.
  • Features to expect: The types of features that a good quality portable toilet will have is a mirror, hand towels, waste basket, steel or china sink bowls, coat hook, sanitizer, soap dispenser, shelving and a fresh water flush. 
  • Plumbing options: Different portable toilets come with their own plumbing options. A recycling system is great if you want to minimize the amount of time they need to be cleaned by the company you are hiring from. It will simply clean the dirty water via a filtration system. An electrically powered toilet plumbing system needs electric power, and that might cause some limitation regarding the location of where it can be placed.